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1989 Mako 211 Water over Stern and T-Top

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  • 1989 Mako 211 Water over Stern and T-Top

    I just purchased a 211 and love the boat except for the fact that the stern is so low that I get a lot of water that enters into the boat over the stern. In addition, the drains do not allow the water to drain fast enough and I regularly have water standing in the rear of the boat while fishing. I was wondering if anyone has come up with a good way of minimizing this short of glassing over the stern to close in the motor area. I was thinking of some thick plexiglass but thought maybe someone had some ideas.

    In addition I am looking to add a T-Top. Anyone have any recommendations for a company that can do this in Michigan (Lake St. Clair)


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    Congrats on the new boat. many of us have the same problem. My 231 has splash gaurds on each side of the motor. this helps alot on my boat. Good luck hope this helps.
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      You could also have the batteries moved forward, or counter-weight the bow.

      You might also want to put some sort of check valve on your scupper drains.

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        Thanks very much for the reply, What materials did you use for the splash guards on your boat?



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          Congrats on your new purchase - one that you will use and treasure for years hopefully!

          First things first, please elaborate which make/engine currently onboard. Like most boats, Makos are sensitive to weight distribution.

          So in all fairness, lets see which outboard you have. Weights can be determined and so on etc.

          Currently, we are running a 1988 model 231, Yamaha 225 HP Excel, as was standard. Never experienced whatsoever, problems previously described. Further, even in 3 to 4 foot following.


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            Also check your livewell, as there are cut off valves. to eliminate water intrusion.
            1988 Mako 231[br]Jackson, MS


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              Like Tailwind, I too have a Mako 231 (1991 model) with a 1998 Suzuki 225 and I also can't ever remember having enough water come over the transom that it causes my feet to get wet.

              I wonder if some Makos just have poor weight distribution or perhaps because of age neglect, etc....the sterns are water logged??



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                Thanks to all for the feedback,

                I am running a 2003 Merc 225 on the boat. The batteries are located in the center of the boat. The only time that I have this problem is when I am fishing in a moderate chop and the back of the boat is facing the waves. Most of the time when I am fishing The live well in floor in the back is full of water (and of course fish!!!) I would estimate that when fishing with 2-3 people in the back half of the boat the trans is only 5-6 inches above the water.

                I have no problem in normal driving conditions or while underway.

                thanks again.


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                  Hey Jeff - this is a problem that has been discussed extensively on the forum. You can do a search for splashboards on the forum and see what people have done to alleviate problem. I have an '82 224 with same problem and simply rebuilt spashboard with 3/4 starboard and it has helped alot. Some have added starboard or aluminum plates on sides of motors. I don't think there is an age or neglect problem or weight distribution issue. I did lots of homework before my purchase and the only 2 issue every brought up to me were poor planning (function and location) of livewell & LOW TRANSOM. Good Luck!
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                    hi jeff, do a google search boat or marine t tops with the word michigan in it....good luck......jim[]
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                      Thanks again for the input. I will try to find the splash guards. I am glad to know that it is not likely a rotting problem.