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  • newbie intro and first questions

    Hi all, Matt here from the MS gulf coast. I have been a lurker for some time now and finally came across some questions that I couldn't find the answers to in the archives etc. A brief story about myself, I hope to purchase a classic mako of the walkaround style and use as a family water taxi/ nearshore fishing vessell. Anyhow here are my first questions.

    1. Can noone determine the deadrise of the 238 model?

    2. Was the 240 model one year,(1989) only? If so why?

    3. any comments on any other issues dealing with the walkarounds?

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!
    Matt[br]Ms, Gulf Coast[br]*Sold* 1988 248, 2006 yammi f250

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    Welcome Aboard bowlinm. You get a BIG thumb's up for adding your city/state.[:x)] You've been reading.[]

    I don't have the answer's to your question, but I'm sure it will be answered in a timely manner.


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      Anybody have an info they want to share on the walkarounds?

      Thanks Matt
      Matt[br]Ms, Gulf Coast[br]*Sold* 1988 248, 2006 yammi f250


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        I recently acquired a 93 213 WA. What kind of information are you looking for?
        <Mark>[br]1993 213 WA - For Sale[br]Lakeland, FL


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          Thanks 4cdogs

          I'm just dreaming of owning one in a couple of years and I am trying to absorb as much info as possible?

          Maybe a small reward (smilie icon) for the 238 deadrise question!!

          Will a 240 be able to plane and move about at a decent pace with a single 250? with say 6 people aboard?

          Anybody wish they would've gotten a c.c. and have a family with smaller children?

          Sorry for all the questions, maybe I'll be able to answer someones one day.

          Thanks again

          Matt[br]Ms, Gulf Coast[br]*Sold* 1988 248, 2006 yammi f250


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            I will add some general observations about the small Mako cabin boats . My 228 has a cuddy cabin. The windshield goes out to a combing with enough sidedeck to step (gingerly) up to the foredeck. In comparison to the Mako walk-arounds, that narrow walkspace to the foredeck is a negative, especially with antennas mounted and those mid cleats that really catch the toes. The upsides are that the helm chairs are a comfortable distance apart, allowing easier access to the companionway hatch. The cuddy also has a sleeker profile (also lower headroom) and is a lighter, faster boat.

            The layout also provides for a large cockpit, with room for a small fighting chair.
            Richard[br]Miami[br]Pearson Flyer 30


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              Welcome aboard Matt. More Mississippi influence... []

              Can't help much with the W/A issues as I'm a die-hard CC person. Have you found the boat your looking for or are you still looking?
              Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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                Thanks guys for the replies.

                I'm still looking at all the different models as I need to pay off the tow truck before I take on the boat and more importantly the new outboard []. I may pick up the right hull next year and then spend that year going over the boat before repowering.

                Thanks, Matt
                Matt[br]Ms, Gulf Coast[br]*Sold* 1988 248, 2006 yammi f250


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                  I have a 1984 238 W/A cuddy and could not be happier with it. I have tried to post pictures, but apparently I am not smart enough. The cabin is a perfect size for two or maybe three poeple to sleep and when not sleeping has plenty of room for storing gear. The cockpit is large enough for 3 or 4 guys to fish comfortably from, but the best aspect is the access to the bow. With good side rails it is an easy walk to the bow, even when you have a big fish on. We installed a full tower with a folding bucket. That enabled us to get the antenna and the GPS out of the way. I also installed a 40 gallon live bait well. Even with the bait tank, I still have plenty of room. It is a heavier boat and the only complaint that I have is the with the tower, bait tank and fishmerman on board, the transom sits a little too close to the waterline. I have two bilge pumps below deck and so far we have had no problems. I have twin 115hp evenrudes and I cruise at 32 mph with a full bait tank and two guys.
                  1984 238[br]Mission Viejo, California


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                    Thanks B*******

                    Thats exactly the kind of info I'm looking for.

                    You wouldn't happen to know the deadrise on that 238 would you?

                    I'll stop replying to this post so it can sink to the bottom of the page for awhile, thanks

                    Matt[br]Ms, Gulf Coast[br]*Sold* 1988 248, 2006 yammi f250


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                      bowlinm, been away from this board for awhile, just caught up with this thread. i have an 86 238. in answer to your deadrise question, yes, no one seems to know. the mako spec page states 14, ive heard heresay of 16 and even 20. i dont have enough experience to tell from the ride. about the ride (i have a 97 200 merc), its like anything else. some days its 12-13 knots in 2-4 and it hurts. some days its 25 knots in 1-2 and like youre in your living room. i do not have tabs, thats a winter 05-06 project. as far as the walkaround question, its my first adult boat. it works well for me. the cabin stores a lot of shit that i dont care to carry back and forth from the house. i dont have trouble getting up front, although i do pay attention pretty closely when the kids are heading up there. when i figure out how to post pictures i will post on this thread. feel free to email me any questions you may have.
                      wantagh, new york 86 238


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                        I have a 238 walkaround,at a guess i would say approximately 19 degrees deadrise,but i will measure it properly next time i have it out of the water.It is powered by a Suzuku DF250 and tops out at 43 knots. approx 50 mph.I would definately recomend tabs for this boat,I added the M120,s which improved the boat's ride a lot and i would even consider going with bigger tabs.

                        If you are very organised you could fish 4 off the back,and is also very fishable for 1 up front.I am going to get rid of the large double helm seat as i never sit to drive anyway,and it will free up a lot of extra deck space,

                        It would be nice if it had a little extra headroom in the cabin,i think it is probably approx 5`7" and the bunks a few inches shorter than ideal,if you intended to sleep in there often.

                        overall i really like the boat,i wanted something that would fish 4 comfortably had enough room inside to get my head down in comfort on occasion and i wanted it to be fast with a single engine,and have a good compromise between soft ride but not too much roll at anchor as i spend a lot of time with the hook down.And the 238 fits that description very well.


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                          Hey for specs on all makos go to