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It was all worth it !!!!!!

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  • It was all worth it !!!!!!

    Sorry no pictures yet but I promise I'll have some soon. Was in a mad dash this weekend to get all the essentials finished between rain storms so I could test the boat yesturday.

    Last weeks maiden voyage didn't turn out so good due to the fuel line issue. Well it's been fixed with new fuel hose and an electric in-line pump. Dang that pump is loud when you first start it up but once the motor turns over you can't hear it at all and the motor seems like it runs stronger than ever. Finished attaching ALL my electronics (Navman GPS w/fuel transducer, floscan, Fish finder, VHF, AM/FM radio, and all instrument gauges). My port side trimtab and my outboard trim indicator are not working so will need to trouble shoot but other than that everything was working.

    Finally launched again Sunday about 4:00pm and my expectations are completely satified if not surpassed. She has never rode better and faster in her life.

    Before I begin I should recap what I've done so far. I started with a 1978 W/A 23' Powercat Sabalo 232 (knock off of the Mako 23 hull). Cut out the cuddy cabin, replaced the stringers and floor, closed off the transom, added a T-Top, and added a 30" D&D bracket.

    Just me in the boat with 30gallons of gas, T-Top, 3 full cans of beer, & using just the trim on the '87 200hp Rude:

    cruise at 4400rpm getting 2.01mpg on NavMan GPS = 33mph

    WOT at 5400rpm getting 1.90mpg on NavMan GPS = 41mph!!!

    * why am I so thrilled??? before the rebuild, top speed was 31mph at 1.2mpg and cruise was about 24mph at 1.5mpg *

    Handling was fantastic!!!! She rode over 1-2 foot chop like butter, I didn't even feel them. Started hitting some 2-4 footers rollers coming off the back of big cruisers. Hitting them dead on and 45degrees was no problem. Quartering caused some side to side but nothing like before. The entire time I was at 32-34mph and never had to let off the throttle.

    When everything was said and done: I burned 20 gallons of gas, rode almost 40 miles, and had 2 empty beer cans. I drifted out in the open lake within sight of the boat ramp as dusk approached and finished my last can of beer as I absorbed all the good therapy of being out on the water again.

    Thanks everyone for their input, advice, and help in getting me through this rebuild. I still have more work but yesturday made everything worth it.
    Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA

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    Glad to hear it went so well... Congrats !!
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      I can't wait to see/hear more details. Glad one of us is back in action. I sure am not threatening to be in that position any time soon.
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        Congrats! It's a great feeling, isn't it? []
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          Where's the pix?
          1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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            Let me know what you find out about your trim indicator. Mine's not working either -- on either engine.
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              What a TEASE id="red"> id="size6">

              NO PICS [:-(][:-(]
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