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My First Mako - 1967 Experimental Inboard 25

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    Pete...congratulations on finding that boat. As an owner of one of the original 19's (March '68), Its really cool to see some more of the history of early Mako. Good luck bringing her back to life!,mako,19


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      This may be my new favorite boat on ClassicMako.

      Is the boat in Ct?

      Good luck with the project.
      Pete[br]MaColAh III [br]93\' 261b[br]HO 200 hp ETEC\'s[br]Cape Cod[br]


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        Incredible find and while photos are few and far between I will look for more. I know there is a photo of my brother and I on that boat with my dad. Saw the post about the lawsuit, was that the one between Dad and Dusky? would love to see all of it



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          Thanks all for the kind words from cptnpete now CaptnPete. I had to reup my membership with a new name and PW as I was unable to recall nor get my old password - and here I thought I picked one that was easy to remember! []

          Brett - Thanks, if you find any more pics they will be most appreciated. Here is a link to what I found on the lawsuit:

          Boat is in CT and will be heading to MA in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing what we have on our hands...


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            Where will her home port be in MA? I'd love to check her out



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              Nice hull certainly has that Aquasport design with the narrow bow entry...that looks like

              OEM power?

              Rebuildable power?

              I would try keep pics coming thats a real find....
              yachtzmon[br]72 19\'Mako [br]140/JACKPLATE


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                mrdelgado - she is going to metrowest and when she is ready to float it will be on the south shore. Would be glad to show it to you sometime so PM me or email me through the site sometime.

                yachtzmon - she has a GM 6.5L diesel from about 1990. It is the same engine used in military hummers at the time. This one was marinized and is branded as Marine Power. Most of these engines were marinized and branded as Peninsular. They don't have the best reputation but we had one in another boat and we liked it. They are a good direct diesel conversion and replacement of big block chevy's. This engine has only 70 hours on it so we fully expect to get her running and is why we got the boat in the first place before knowing what she was.


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                  X2 to Mr.Delgado. I am on the south shore as well and would love to check her out too!
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                    I (formerly cptnpete and captnpete) am about to put her on the market as we have too many boats and not enough places to put them.

                    On this one we have gotten the diesel engine running great - quite the power plant with low hours running gear and hydraulic steering. And we have cleaned her up quite a bit. But we haven't gone any further like addressing some soft spots of decking. The hull is awesome and she is useable as is.

                    She is truly one of a kind. Thanks again for the interest and kind words.


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                      Someones gotta completely restore that boat!! (Not me had my fill)


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                        im interested in buying one of these anyone have an idea of how many were made,,, are there any more for sale,, regardless of conditon?