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My First Mako - 1967 Experimental Inboard 25

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  • My First Mako - 1967 Experimental Inboard 25

    Just got a 1967 Inboard 25 which is identical to the pic of Robert Schwebke driving the Experimental Inboard. She needs a lot of love as she has been sitting for nearly 15 years. Has a low hour Marine Power 6.5L diesel from a repower before she was last put away which is what attracted us to the boat before we knew what we were getting. Will be a father son project to bring her back to life. Have found some info on her but always looking for more. In researching I found this site and see how many Mako lovers there are. I will see if I can figure out how to load some pictures.

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    Welcome! We need to see this one!
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      Welcome and please post up some pics[]
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        I hope this loads some pics. Included is shot of Robert Schwebke on board the Experimental Inboard which appears identical to our boat.



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          WOW...... Great find.... CONGRATS
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            And here is what I have been able to find out about the boat so far:



            The Plaintiff is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Florida and was incorporated on April 13, 1967. The defendant is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Florida and was incorporated on June 23, 1966.

            It appears both from the stipulated facts and those established during the trial that the Plaintiff and the Defendant began using the name Mako in connection with the manufacturing and marketing of boats at approximately the same time.

            The Plaintiff's business began with the design and manufacture of a 25 foot boat which was completed in April of 1967 and to which the word "Mako" was affixed to the stern.

            In June, 1967, the Plaintiff offered for sale an outboard sportsfishing boat which was nineteen (19) feet in length. The word "Mako" was affixed to the hull of these boats. The Plaintiff began advertising its product nationally in the summer of 1967. In September of 1967, the Plaintiff delivered its first boat to a customer in Florida; this boat being the 19 foot outboard fishing model. Thereafter, the Plaintiff's business grew steadily. By January of 1968, the Plaintiff had sold and delivered 15 boats to customers in Florida. As of August, 1968, the Plaintiff had sold and delivered 138 boats to customers in Florida, in other states and in foreign countries. The Plaintiff has sold and delivered in *179179 intrastate, interstate and international commerce a total of more than 1,860 boats by March, 1971.

            The word "Mako" with the fanciful letter "M" was affixed to all of the boats manufactured and sold by the Plaintiff. In addition, the numbers "17", "19" and "22", denoting the length of the boat, have appeared after the word "Mako" on the later models.

            With the exception of the original 25 foot boat, the Plaintiff's boats can best be described as an open sportsfishing boat. The boats are 17 to 22 feet in length, with a casting platform, center console and can be fitted with an outboard motor or various inboard-outdrive arrangements.


            The new company was clearly headed toward mass production. Sargent decided to focus on design and prototype work, so he sold his interest to Coburn, who changed the name of the company to Aquasport.

            Sargent next focused on drafting plans for a 115-foot, fiberglass version of the clipper ship Cutty Sark.

            This was followed by the design and construction of a 25-foot, inboard-powered sportfisherman of the Aquasport type, and the Purdue 18, an outboard sportfishing boat designed for bonefishing on Floridas saltwater flats.

            By late 1967, he had teamed up with Robert Schwebke, a Miami native. Schwebke bought Sargents molds and equipment, and the two formed Mako Marine, manufacturer of outboard sportfishing boats, in the Miami suburb of Hialeah. A biographical statement about Schwebke says, A fishing aficionado, he launched the company in 1966 because, he said, friends were tired of listening to me bellyache about not finding a light-tackle fishing boat.

            Sargent served as vice president and designed the Mako 17, 19, and 22. By 1969, production was up to 20 boats per week. Thanks to Sargents designs, Aquasport and Mako were two of the earliest companies (Boston Whaler was the first) to have the center console design now popular in the world of sportfishing boats.


            Makos New 25 Fishing Machine

            An exceptionally roomy 25 open fisherman, the Mako 25 has just been launched by Mako Marine, Inc. 1015 E. 27th St. Hialeah FL. The 248 x 10 fiberglass hull is described with some justification as a fishing machine by her builders, who also have a 19 footer along the same lines for outboard power. The 25 boat is powered by a 225 hp Daytona inboard and has been clocked by Mako at 40 mph, a fine speed for zipping offshore to the fishing grounds.

            Once youre there the Mako 25 provides a good many angling conveniences such as two-seat control console amidships with windscreen, four Lees rod holders, rod racks, and a 60 insulated fiberglass fish box with teak top. The Pompanette chairs swivel and slide fore and aft, one is a helmsmans chair, theo other a fishing chair with rod gimbal.

            The Mako 25 sells for $12,500 with a considerable equipment list and the standard 225 hp Daytona engine.


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              Some more images of the old girl


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                Very cool. You should post these pictures for Brett Schwebke in the History Q&A thread.
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                  Originally posted by Sailor

                  Very cool. You should post these pictures for Brett Schwebke in the History Q&A thread.

                  x2 Very cool find. I hope you bring her back to life.
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                    I remember Brett being asked about the 25 Inboard I believe (of course I could be wrong), but I would definitely ask again. He could get the info and may even have more pictures of his Dad and production numbers, if any, for that hull.

                    I like the lines and the look of the tower....from the side, the rear mounts inside leave a little room for improvement! What are your plans? I'll be watching this one. Keep the pictures coming as you progress.

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                      Thanks for the kind words from all. We will see what we can do with this old girl.

                      As suggested, I have posted on Brett's Q&A. Looks like he is a walking historian so any more background on the boat will be very appreciated.


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                        I had actually emailed the owner of the boat a few months back. he had a seacraft for sale and I saw this in the back and asked about it. Looks like a great project, I really liked the lines for a smaller boat.


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                          Wow. Thats an amazing project...I'm a little jealous. She is a bit beamier than the standard 25 at 10'? Congrats!
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                            Thanks Stew. I looked at your project - wow yourself, quite a metamorphosis, what a beautiful job!

                            I don't know if Junior and I have that kind of capability but we will at least get her cleaned up and running, and then see where we go with her. And yes she is a beamy girl at 10'. With hardly any deadrise and not really much of a deep v it will be interesting to see how she handles.


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                              Wow!!! I love the history of Mako. One of my good friends had a 19 (69). He got me back into boating. Thanks for history.

                              God bless BWP
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