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Water in bilge.

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  • Water in bilge.

    I was just wondering about this. I cannot keep the bilge dry for nothing. I get more in it everytime it rains. Is this normal? Is it necessary to get all the water out of the bilge everytime? Mostly it sits just below the drain hole because it's not able to drain out all the way.
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    Any idea where the water is coming from? Rod holders draining to builge maybe? If you want that extra little bit off water out, put a small piece of rag throug the drain hole so one end is touching the water you want removed. Let the tail end hang down. This will slowly drain all that extra water out.
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      Yeah, someone already suggested that and it works but it's just going to be a never ending cycle because the boat is staying uncovered. Could be coming from rod holders, console and no telling where else. I just re-sealed around the console with 4200. I probably just need to cover the boat! I don't like the water sitting in the bilge because of the possibility of rot. The main stringer I think would be affected is the center one. The water is not standing near any of the others.
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        I have that same problem and in my boat I think it is coming from around the tank hatch or the pie plates near the transom.
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          same issue here...I caulked the tank hatch...still have water.

          I checkde a couple of the rod holders but I will pull off in the off season.

          I also have new armstrong splash well covers...I don't believe that much water could be seeping in from the older covers but who knows.

          The last place is to replace to drain outlets in the transom...I've read a few reports that sometimes they seep water.

          If you find out where yours is leaking, please let us know.
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            I havent pulled the plug on my 21 in over a month, probably 30 hours run/water time. always as dry as a popcorn fart. Check the water drains/fils for the infloor baitwell. dave
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              A popcorn fart?
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                I also have to pump regularly. A surprising amount of rain and wash water seems find its way to the bilge. Dave mentioned the fish well under the floor aft of the console. That's a prime suspect on my boat. I just don't trust the plumbing. Project for next winter
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                  I know it's rain and wash water because my boat is trailered. The water I am referring too is the water that gets inside while it's in the driveway!
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                    here's a few more possibilities

                    bow rail mounts...tighten up screws and caulk with 420.

                    same goes for mounting screws around console.

                    leaning post or console seat mounting screws.

                    also try temporarily sealing bilge access and then hosing down two pats of the boatin the driveway. bow deck and gunnels. then main deck. check bilge after each section of the boat is hosed down. that may narrow it down.

                    "the condition of the bilge speaks volumes about the overall safety and maintenance of the vessel." somebody important said that.
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