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  • leaning post question

    I want to make the switch to a leaning post and am thinking of installing over my pedestals instead of making more holes, I found a nice one at for $750 or so

    another local mako owner told me that installing over the stock pedestals is not the best idea because they were designed to have weight only on top (a seat) not pushing aft has anyone found this to be the case?

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    I would question what you were told by the other Mako owner. Mako offered a leaning post that slipped over the seat pedestals. They are very strong and have many fasterners holding them to the deck. I had one on my boat and it never moved.

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      I also question that. I've had my leaning post mounted over the seat peds for 9 years with no problems at all.
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        If the pedestals are securely mounted, I wouldn't worry about it.

        For another source of that style leaning post, give the folks at Birdsall Marine a call. While they don't show that same design on the website or in their catalog, I'm pretty sure the still make them. Give them a call and ask for Bobby.


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          Todd marine makes an enexpense(350$) pedestal post thats functional and really comfortable,i had one for years on my bay boat.
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            I think the pedistal leaning post would work fine and be plenty strong, I just think they look like crap JMHO.


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              I was in the same boat as you two years ago, but I pulled my seats out and put in a custom leaning post and love it. I wouldn't worry about the holes. Just fill them in with epoxy and gelcoat and you won't even know they are there. You won't regret it and I don't even notice wear the seats were mounted anymore.
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