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  • GOT one!

    I finally bought a Mako!

    Barring unforseen events, I will take possession of my first Mako this Saturday. It was a bit of work finding her, but now I'll get to enjoy the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat like the rest of you do. []

    I would be ungrateful if I did not specifically thank a bunch of you for your help, advice and encouragement. Not in any order, I owe special thanks to Classic73Mako, HDavis, Larry Smith, Bwana64, Catfish3, BayouBiloxiBlue, Michigan Dave, Warthog5, DTMackey, 400HPSilverado, Ed Mancini, Saltyballs, bgreene, BeanandChristysMako, Shallymeister,Sailor, Byram, DestinBound, Alabat, LoveMyMako, RudeAttitude, RingLeader, Megabyte, Cyclops, DaveXX, JWalker, mubikS, Bloodnguts, ArctekMarine, PropBlast and GW204. I apologize to lots more of the forum members I forgot to thank.

    I'll post a few pics after I get her back to CT this weekend. She's an 82 20B with an 84 Johnson 150. Hull in pretty good condition. Motor... well, it runs, so that's a start. T-top powder coating is powder-blue, but I'll either come to like the color or not. I'll get to start with a few repairs I hope will be manageable. I need to replace the shift & throttle cables from the console back to the motor. Also need to replace the fuel lines to and from the tank. Stator doesn't work, so I'll maybe get to learn something about that too. Other than filling a few (okay... about three dozen) empty screw holes above the rod storage areas, that's what's on the list before I get the bottom wet.

    Thanks again to all of you.

    Win Davis
    It\'s a Mako.[br]\'82 20B,\'90 E-150[br]Woodbridge, CT

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    Congratulations!!!!!! I remember pulling mine home that first day. I took pictures of how she looked in the rearview mirror on the way home!! Definitely post some pictures when you get her home.
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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      I think that is the boat that was on another topic earlier,. Looked like a good deal to me. You mentioned the stator was bad. You also said it ran so I assume its the charge section that isnt working?

      There is also a voltage regulator that goes bad on those units. Hope to see pics. dave
      [br]1994 Mako 215 Dual console Optimax 225[br]1978 Mako 19 with 90hp johnson[br]1996 Mako 22[br]1982 Mako 171 Angler 135 Black Max Mercury[br]1987 21b 225 Yamaha[br]1974 23 inboard Gusto gone.[br]1979m21 225johnson \"blue dolphin\" bought off this board and restored [br]with everyone\'s help!!Gone but not Forgotten....[br]1979 20 Mako 115 Suzuki gone[br]1977 19 Mako 115 Johnson gone[br]1976 23 Mako twin 140 Johnsons gone[br]1983 224 with closed transom and bracket[br]And 162 SOB (some other boats)[br]Venice Florida, Traverse city Mi.


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        Congratulations and welcome to the family. Man I remember the day we pulled my little rig home.

        Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191


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          Congrats! Reminds me of how I felt after I bought mine just about a year ago. Pretty darned happy!
          -Bizz[br]1985 20C[br]Charlotte, NC


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            Just enough time to get it fixed before the fall run!

            Enjoy -
            NYC & L.I. - 1974 \"Classic\" Mako 20\' - Suzuki 2006 DF150 - Fly & Light Tackle, C&R[br]My boat:[br]Personal website:


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              WAY COOL ! Welcome to the world of Mako-owner / fanatic's...

              It's been nearly 4 years, but I remember towing my 224 home to Arizona, from Toledo, Ohio like it was yesterday...

              Again, it's a WAY COOL feeling... ENJOY... ENJOY... ENJOY...

              Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]


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                CONRATULATIONS on the new toy. Your now officially a member of the "Lets tear our boats apart before we have any idea what its like to drive them" club.

                Like Dave said, anything electrical, check the voltage regulator first, always. I can not tell you how many of those stupid things I have replaced on anything with a motor. I had to replace the one on my brand new street bike after 3 months. They are a nightmare, I have had bad relationships with voltage regulators. If I never saw one again it would be too soon.

                But have fun, hopefully we can help you getting her back to tip top shape.
                John S.[br]Lutz, FL aka Tampa[br]Currently transplanted to Tallahassee


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                  Good stuff Win...[]
                  22 Tiara pursuit[br]Greenwich,Ct


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                    Congrats!! Good luck on the new (to you) boat. Keep in mind Rome wasn't built in a day. Your boat is going to give you plenty of hard times but surrounded by good. Keep the faith alive & you'll enjoy it.

                    good luck

                    Tim[br]1981 19 (project)[br]prior 1978 17 angler (sold)[br]


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                      Let the fun begin [(#)][(#)]


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                        Congratulations!!!I remember towing my 1987 231 home and people just looking at it and watching it go by.What an awesome feeling. Good luck. Denny


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                          Hey Win-

                          Congrats! My first boat was a Mako 201 that I towed from Corpus Christi,TX to Boston, MA. I was so excited the entire ride home that I did not even notice when a tractor trailer kicked up a piece of plywood and put a small hole below the waterline!

                          In all seriousness, get her ship-shape soon. The tuna have been feeding close in to shore off Plum Island...



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                            Congratulations Win!

                            Project photos... we like project photos.

                            (OK... I like project photos) []
                            Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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                              Congratulations, may you r Mako live long and prosper. By the way, do you won a Sawsall?

                              \'73 22 Mako Reedville, VA