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    Sorry I havent posted for a long time still busy with hurricane charlie repairs. I am finally at the point of doing the gel kote and am trying to find out what tip to use with 50/50 mix of duratec and gelcoat I tried the cup gun using the #3 tip cover on horizontal parts and the tip will drip when tilted down I tried my hvlp gravity sprayer with a 1.5mm tip and the mix was to thick and turned in the gun so I am looking to see what tip others are using like wilsons his turned out great.Mini craft suggested 2.0mm and fibreglast suggested a 2.2mm So the best place to go is here were it is tried and tested in real life conditions Thanks
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    When I sprayed my hull with gelcoat and duratec I just used a sprayer from home depot for around $50. I'm not sure about the tip, but whatever came with the gun is what I used. You're going to have to sand the orange peel finish anyway, even though the duratec lessens it, there still is some. I did about 6 light coats and it came out pretty good. The fun part is the sanding and buffing []. But the durable finish is well worth it
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      1.8mm tip is what the guy I asked months ago recommended.
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