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Buying a Mako and Need Advice Please!

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  • Buying a Mako and Need Advice Please!

    I'm trying to decide between a 1989 23ft Mako w/ a 1989 200HP Yamaha. The boat seems in perfect condition, nice center console, bimini top, all wiring looks clean etc for $18,000.


    A 1994 22ft Mako w/ a 1995 200HP Mercury, center console, etc for $19,500.

    Both boats are in good condition and I am having them inspected. I heard Pre-1994 Mako's were built better which is why I can't make up my mind.

    I'll be using the boat for offshore fishing and diving in FL.

    Any suggestions?


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    both sound a little overpriced but the 89 is more overpriced than the 94. i have a 96 hull (23') and have had zero problems with it, very well made. i'm not sure when things went downhill for mako but i think it was 98 or 99. i suspect others know that point better than i do. i like the 23 over the 22 but the 89 engine is pretty old for an ob.


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      Keep looking. That 1989 Mako 23 is definitely overpriced especially considering that the motor is a 89 as well.

      I have a 1991 Mako 231 with a 1998 Suzuki 225 and absolutely love me boat. If I were you...I'd keep looking for a 23 that was made between 87ish and 92ish.

      After the Schwebke family sold Mako in early 1990's (92/93??) things started to unravel. The story I heard was that some investment guys out of NY bought the company, ran it for a few years and then sold it to Tracker Marine. Since then, things have really gone down hill...however, I think the worst is behind us. I saw one of their new models at a recent boat show and it looked pretty good. Only time will tell if it can hold up well.