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211 vs 221 or 224

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  • 211 vs 221 or 224


    I am looking to upgrade, currently driving a 1993 model "191" (great boat). I have been looking at the 221 or 224 models, however have come across a 211 model at a good price. Have heard the 211 is a bit "butt heavy" and requiring more speed/power to maintain plane. Does anybody have first hand knowledge that can be of help here, also anything else I should be watching for. Boat is a 1989 year model with a yamaha 200 (1998)on it.

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    Theres a really nice looking Mako 211 on ebay right now. The gelcoat looks fabulous. But gotta remember, these are just pixs.

    The 224 is a boat that was made in the 1980's. Its the largest of the 3 you mentioned. There were several different models of the 221 made over the years. I think the best thing is for you to find a way to look at each and decide for yourself which is best.

    This may help.
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      I run a mako 221 1989 model. I can't tell that it is tail heavy. Overall the boat is just heavy, plenty of glass in these boats and this may be what or why people say they are heavy in the rear. There again it's another reason why people want them, well built. It to has a 200 hp yamaha. It will run about 37-39mph with 1/2tk of fuel (50gal)and just me on board. Hope this helps.
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        In 1989 they took the 21B 21'7" added and inch 21'8" and called it the 211.