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    GOod luck with the new forum Eddie. I'm restoring a 23' 1975 Mako inboard and want to add trim tabs. I've been looking at the Bennett 24" X 9" tabs. Anyone have any experience with this size of trim tab on this size boat?T oo big? Also, how are most trim tabs fastened to the transom? (screwed or bolted?). NOt sure if screwing them on is secure enough. ON the other hand, if I bolt them on, I'll need to remove the gas tanks if I ever need to remove them.

    ANy suggestions appreciated.

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    That would be more than enough tab. I'd say that the 18"x9" tabs would be fine and you could even go smaller. I'm going with 12"x12" Bennett tabs on my Mako 21. Go over to The Hull Truth and dro Tabman a line in the Bennett Tabs forum. He'll be glad to give you his best answer.

    Most all tabs are just screwed to the transom of the boat. Good SS wood screws and coat the holes well with epoxy resin (inject resin into the holes after you drill them) and then use 3M 5200 or 4200 to seal the tabs and screwholes.

    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      I asked the "Tabman" what he suggested for my 211. He suggested the M120 10X12. I would be interted to know how ell they work. Tabs are my next project.


      1993 Mako211CC

      200 Black box
      Ron[br]26 Regulator CC[br] \"Blood Shot\"[br]Mt Laurel & Tuckerton NJ[br]


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        I am considering M80 tabs on my 20' Mako with a 1990 Johnson 200 but I don't really know if my boat needs them or if they will improve the performance. Just looking for opinions or suggestions.
        Kevin[br]Luling, LA[br]1976 20\' Mako


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          Some of Tabman's writing's that I have seen, he suggest's pretty large tabs. That's if you have room for them. His theory is big tab with small amount of input to it, as opposed to a smaller tab with alot of imput.

          This is something that conserns me on my boat '73 231 with 8deg deadrise. This boat will have bracket and full swim platform. The bracket is not built yet, but I can see a problem with the actuaters being to long. I do know that Bennett maks a shorter actuater. I have seen on a pix from Armstrong that they had cutouts in the platform for the actuaters to stick thru. But if twin outboards go on it there is very little room for any tab but the small ones. That's from reading the Bennett imfo about how far to stay away from the chine and from the motors.

          Most tabs I've seen are installed like eddie says with screws. Maybe #10X 1 1/4in