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been looking at some older boats have some Q's????

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  • been looking at some older boats have some Q's????

    i recently looked at a few boats that were older than 82's. a 26, 25, and 23 footer. i want to make an offer but i have some questions. i liked the inboard diesel i looked at last week. it was in some need of some tlc but other than that it looked fine. last thursday when i looked at it i was told to check the stringers with a hammer. also i was told to tighten the engine bolts to see if the stringer holds them or pinches. well they kept turning and pinched the stringer. my guess is theres some water damage. another thing that concerned me was if i grabbed the bow rail and shaked it up and down the hull would twis a little bit. enough to question my integrity of the hull. my question is do alot of the older boats do this, or is a structural problem. this boat had to be atleast 25 yrs old. the same thing happened to the 25. the 26 was solid all over but a little out of my range. so how much should i boat flex if i were to grab the bow rail. it was on blocks and most the flexing happened around the center console. thanks i value every ones opinion.

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    Alot of variables here!!Any pics??If i understand you correctly you said you could grab bow-rail and hull would twist???Sounds like an imediate pass!!Ive never heard of a hull "twisting" before and if you can do that with your hands imagine what water and waves will do!!!
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      I agree, stay away. the hull should feel soild.
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        yea thats what i am figuring. if i were to grab the rail on the one side of the bow and push up and down the hull would flex about where the center console was. every thing seems solid though. thats where i was confused. tapping around at all the stringers i didn't see any problems except maybe for the ones the engine were mounted to.


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          well another question is would it be worth while replacing stringers and making the boat solid again. i think im sold on the 23. just don't know if the work would be worth it.