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171 Mako Trolling Motor Install

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  • 171 Mako Trolling Motor Install

    Greetings, I'm now the proud owner of a 1999 Mako 171 with a 2000 135 Optimax. I want to mount a saltwater trolling motor on the bow. Any words of wisdom on any brand that is easier than another to mount/install?? Any tips on wiring? Thanks in advance.

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    I had one on the transom for a year. I'm not a porker, but my friends are (LOL), and with a full tank of gas and gear, my Great White could barely keep up with the tide, much less push us anywhere. I'm guessing your thinking of a big 24v system otherwise you're probably not going to be happy with the performance. I'm going to give my motor to one of my "fatboy" buddies and be done with it. Also, a bow mount on a Mako would be like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. Give it some thought, bro.
    Mako 171 Dunedin Fla.


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      We have a 24 Volt 82# Thrust Motorguide Great White Bow Mounted digital steering foot control on our rig.

      We love it.

      I'll post some pics here in the next day or 2 so you can check it out, you will not be disappointed with this setup.

      1990 Mako 171S \"Jeronimo\"[br]115 Evinrude[br]Huntington Beach CA


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        Be sure and figure your wiring right. To small of cable will give you poor result's. You will think the motor is a POS when in fact it isn't the motor.

        This is one I did on a 17 Key West. 74lb Minkota 3X steering.

        One neat thing that I didn't know till it got dark is the Big Blue arrow on the motor head glow's at night.[8D]Cool.

        I installed 2-gp 29 batteries in the console and a Minkota 220 batt charger. The boat came from the factory with 3 run's of 6ga cable. It was coiled and left laying in the bildge. All it was worth is scrap. The end's of the cable were not sealed and it wicked water up the cable.

        No matter, because it was the wrong gauge wire for what I needed to do.

        The total run was 72ft.[:0] It ran from the console to the transom, all the way foward to the point in the bow and back to the step where the plug was. that 72ft is for the +&- run's. This called for 2ga cable for that length of run. There is a Blue Sea's mini ON/OFF switch and a Blue Sea's 50amp surface mount curcuit breaker.

        This is not a removable trolling motor. Sure it could be taken off, but I didn't design it that way. I wanted that sucker solid when he was bouncing thru waves.

        I bored several 2in holes right thru the washboard. I made several alum bracket's that I could slip thru those holes. They were drilled and taped for the mounting bolt's. 1/4-20 if I remember right. I drilled another hole in the center of the bracket and taped it for 10/24 or 10/32. I forget. Then I drilled a 3/16in hole and shamfered it. This center hole is to hold the alum bracket's in place and the chamfered hole made the fastner flush with the deck. The end of the Minkota bracket needed to stick out past the edge of the hull to work correctly. I cut a piece of 3/4in Starboard to do 2 thing's. It finished off the bottom of the factory mount and it lifted the motor enough to clear the bow rail.

        This thing is ROCK solid and my neighbor brag's on it all the time. He said it will leave a wake behind the boat and he has yet to run out of battery.

        All he does with this boat is chase Red's & Speck's.