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04 Mako 201 w/Suzuki 200

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  • 04 Mako 201 w/Suzuki 200

    Ongoing saga,

    2 Months ago I got a new 201 Mako from a Travis Boating Center rigged with 200 Suzuki 4 stroke. Sea Strike steering . The steering is very hard to turn. More so when turning to the left. The Suzuki gear lever binds when shifting from forward to neutral often slamming into reverse. The dealer has known about these problems for weeks but has failed to fix them. Today we went on sea trial and the problems were exactly the same. They basically want me to accept the boat "as is" and I refuse to do so. I am in touch with the Mako factory and they "say" these problems will be resolved. Frankly, I have very little confidence in this dealer but what am I to do, I bought the boat there.

    My concern reagarding the steering is that the Suzuki 4 stroke may be presenting a problem we are unaware of. Mako has never outfitted the 201 with this motor before.

    Does anyone have any insight on any of the above that may steer us in the right direction?

    Thanks a bundle

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    Sea Strike steering

    Is that correct?

    Or is it Teleflex Sea Star?


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      Yes it must be

      I looked up the steering system for the 200. Its the same for the 140 Suzuki?



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        Welcome to the pit called travis boating!!!!Ive heard very little good and much bad about these guys!![}]The gear binding should be smooth and it dosent matter what "Boat" the engine is mounted to!!My suzuki 4-stroke presents no problem nor do all my friends who run them!! They are selling you a line of bullshit to put the blame on someone else and they are famous for that behavior!!!When you go to a dealer who actually cares.. Like ADMIRALITY MARINE in Venice An Authorized Suzuki dealer..he has fixes many a Travis nightmare over the last few years.Call Marvin and Camille and tell them whats up and see if they can steer you in right direction..Their professionalisn and suzuki knowledge is very impressive!!
        1997 232B 2017 suzuki 250 \"ROCK BOTTOM\"[br] [br]


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          Thanks Andy,

          I sent the info to Mako and we'll see what they do with it. It's like Travis just keeps my boat for weeks on end, never fixes anything and doesn't care. Mako factory is supposed to be taking over there own cust. service and warranty dept. Lets see how they do now?

          Appreciate the info.

          Take care


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            The problems you are having are with the shifting cable and the plastic skeg on the lower unit. If you tilt the motor all the way up and jam the cables at the stern you will bend the teleflex steering cable causing it not to shift correctly. Return the boat to travis and have them replace the shifting and throttle cables at the same time - under warranty. Most likely they were bent before you purchased the boat - Get it! The plastic skeg on the lower unit needs to be moved over a notch to reduce the tork steering of the motor. They obvisouly did not see trial the boat before you purchased it. Turn the skeg into the turn that you are having trouble with adjust until it works -one notch at a time. Document everything you do with travis and tracker they do not like to pay.


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              They hired a new GM with some experience. We're supposed to sea trial the boat in the next couple days. I'll let you know how it goes.



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                They hired a new GM/good mechanic! Finally. This guy knows his stuff. Apparently they bring him in when they get too many bad reports back to Mako about a dealership. The engine was mounted 2 notches low, the throttle cabbles were crimped, the prop was wrong. The boat is much more nimble and works great now. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Don't give up! Yhey'll try to get you to accept the boat the way it is and if you do you'll be unhappy, so hang tuff.

                Thanks a ton for the guys in this forum.


                Sanibel Florida

                04 201 Mako with 200 Suzuki 4 stroke


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                    I was watching this one and glad to know they stepped in and helped out.

                    Now to the important parts - how does your boat run? Top speed, fuel economy, etc.

                    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we want pictures! [8D]
                    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
                    1985 Mako 20c - sold
                    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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                      I think this one will turn out good. I'll keep you posted

                      Steve Sanibel

                      04 Mako 201 w 200 Suzuki


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                        Wow !Now I know I am in the right place.(As if there was any real doubt ever)

                        You guys get results and cut through all the B.S.

                        78 Angler 17 / 98 Yamaha 115 Sarasota Florida.