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what should i look for in an old mako...

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  • what should i look for in an old mako...

    gonna look at one tomorrow any thing inparticular. the stringers transom. any other places?
    Holden Beach, North Carolina

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    Knock around the transom with your knuckles, a rubber mallet, etc. Listen for different sounding areas...indicates rot. With the motor all the way in the UP position, have someone grab the skeg and try to move it up and down. You look for flex in the transom from above. Soft spots in the floor. Smell around in the bilge. Gasoline odor could indicate fuel tank replacement in the future. Cracks in floor radiating out from any of the deck hatches...God, the list goes on.

    Someone else jump in here...I'm still a newbie with these.


    ps, where in Jersey?
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      long valley which is up north or toms river which is a stones throw from barnaget
      Holden Beach, North Carolina


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        I am a rookie but hey, it really depends on how old a boat you are looking for. I just purchased a 76' Mako 19 and it has some small hairline stress cracks in the floor and other places, though I feel that any boat this old should have some of this as it is normal. Though you should look for the soft spots in the deck and make sure you have a solid transom. Good luck!
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