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Trailering a 22 vs 25

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  • Trailering a 22 vs 25

    For years I trailered a 22, easy in and out by myself. I've always thought 21-22 is about rigtht for trailering.

    Now I'm looking for another 22 and it will ALWAYS be trailered, each use. No sweat for a 22 but occassionally look at 25's. My impression is that the easy in and out of a 22 won't be as simple on a 25 by myself.

    For those with experience is a 25 more of a challenge than a 22?

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    No difference really. If you can single hand a 22, you can do a 25. Go slow at first... practice on calm days... prepare your trailer and your lines... and you'll have the drill down in no time.

    I used to think I needed at least two for my boat, but I found out (when I had to do it single handed one day), that it can be done with a little care and a little preparation.

    Most of it is mental.

    You can do it. []
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      I have a 25 and launch it solo most of the time- Most of my boating pals are pretty inadept at boat handling. It's a piece of cake.

      The 25 is just kinda larger to trailer around. My last boat was a 21ft ski boat on a single axle trailer that was easy to manuever.


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        I highly recommend a float-on style trailer. Just drive the boat on and done. 25 or 22 shouldn't matter.
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          When you say "float on" are you reffering to bunks or rollers? Most of my ramps have decent pitch so bunks are ok if that is what you mean.

          Plymouth, MA[br]02 Hydra-Sports 212[br][br]Sea Hunt 22[br]


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            Trailering is trailering!!![]
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