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  • alum.anti fouling question

    What is the best anti fouling paint to use on an alum.engine bracket?

    Tried alumaspray[pettit}with poor results.Thanks in advance.
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    Let's go back to the basic's. You have to get the metal CLEAN!

    This is a perfect candite to have sandblasted. It will clean everything up and etch the alum in prep to hold the primer very well.

    Here's some thing's to think about when you reinstall it.

    Install a rudder style aniode on the tub/body. Be sure not to paint the small area that the aniode makes contact with.

    Install Delren washers under your stainless washer's to isolate the 2 metal's. Coat the bolt's with Tef Gel.


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      Thanks for the reply Warthog but the bracket is on my brother-n-laws Gradywhite.We hauled it out today and the bracket was loaded with barnicles.It is primed &painted and then coated with pettit alum anti fouling.The rest of the hull was clean.

      Can you recommend a better anti fouling paint for the bracket?Thanks
      Former 228 owner [br]77 Potter built Seacraft Sceptre [br]Leonardo N.J.[br]


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        You want what is recommended for a alum hull.

        Trilux 33 a new tin-free antifouling formulated to provide safe, effective protection for aluminum boats, outdrives & outboards, or where a bright color or bright white is required. It is based on the latest Biolux® Technology, for improved control of slime and algae growth. It replaces Trilux and Micron 33. Trilux 33 is for use below the waterline on underwater boat hulls and parts in fresh, salt and brackish water and can be brush or roller applied. Spray application is recommended only for Professional Applicators that have all of the proper safety equipment including a full-face shield.


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          Take a look at epaint...a close friend has his 42 foot aluminum sloop as one of the test boats for the past 5 years. One application lasts a couple of years and never takes the boat out. This is also used on all types of research equipment such as buoys and markers.


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            Thanks for the advise.I did some research today and Trilux33 seams to be the ticket.Wharthog just confirmed it for me.I could probably get it locally and get my bro-n-laws boat back asap.I spent the whole day installing a garmin198c gps/sounder for him. Thanks again.
            Former 228 owner [br]77 Potter built Seacraft Sceptre [br]Leonardo N.J.[br]


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              EPAINT is what the coast guard uses on their new aluminum 47' motorlifeboats.