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Mako Seats, Need em bad!

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  • Mako Seats, Need em bad!

    Anyone know where I can get the old style heavy duty mako seats? The seats in my 1972 Mako19 are finally worn out after 33 years. I don't want to go with new Todd seats / cushions because I've watched them deteriorate on brand new boats after a few seasons in the sun, and quite honestly don't like the look of them. These old mako seats are super comforatble, swivel, slide, and have a nice clean "mean fishing boat" look. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,

    Doug Ewing

    1972 Mako19

    Old Saybrook, CT
    Doug [br]1972 Mako 19 [br]1990 Mako 211[br]Old Saybrook, CT[br]

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    I have a set of captain chairs for a Mako. They are not original, white heavy plastic with the aluminum swivel bases. I want what I have in them, $100.00 + shipping.

    Let me know if interested and I will get pictures.
    Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191


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      I have just removed the Mako seats from my 1991 Mako 201 to put in a leaning post. They are the original seats and seem to be in good shape. They are yours if you want them.
      Thanks,[br]JB[br]\'91 Mako 201[br]Oxford, Maryland


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        I think something that old will need to be redone as I don't think anyone has anything that old just laying around. I know about 18 years ago I removed my orginial 1973 CC seats and completely rebuilt them. Took out the old rotted plywood and made new pieces (which I coated with resin and used SS staples in the seats) which I then re-screwed back on the AL seat frames. I then took the new plywood pieces to a local guy that redid the covering that looked just like the old chair covering - real close to the orginal Mako (maybe someone has some of the orginial Mako covering I don't know???). When I put them back on the boat, I had canvas covers make for each which have kept them looking like new for the past years.

        1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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          jdeerin, I'm interest in your seats if mako1922 doesn't bit. Did you use the pedestals for your leaning post, or are they included with the seats?


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            I plan to send pics to Mako1922 and if he is not interested (and you remind me). I'll send your way.
            Thanks,[br]JB[br]\'91 Mako 201[br]Oxford, Maryland