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  • scuppers!

    What are your thoughts on the scuppers with the ball Vs. regular rubber scuppers? I am using the rubber scuppers with the flap and I am still getting a good amount of water coming in. Do the ball versions work better at keeping the water out? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    1984 238[br]Mission Viejo, California

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    Yes. The rubber flap's get a set to them and start to fail.

    There are 2 diffrent manufactures of the ping pong ball scuppers. Rabud and TH Marine. Don't buy Rabuds! The sell them at the box marine stores.

    Buy the TH's here:


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      Thanks for the advise. I will get a set right away.
      1984 238[br]Mission Viejo, California


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        I prefer these too. My only gripe is that while they are excellent at keeping water out, they also slow (a little bit) the exiting of large amounts of water should you take a wave over the transom. This happened to me over the weekend, and I had to grab the hand pump to aid getting the water out in a timely manner. Just something to be aware of.

        Also, they should be cleaned from time to time.
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