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    I just purchased a 1982 236 with a 2000 5.7l merc cruiser and a valvet drive 1:1. I can only get 18 mph at wot? I need to go swimming and check what prop I have, It is a right hand prop, does anyone know what pitch and diameter I should have?

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    Welcome to the board Woody! The correct way to determine if you have the correct propeller, is to bring the boat to W.O.T.(wide open throttle),while out on the water, making note of the maximum R.P.M. at that point. Ring it out a little while so that it has a chance to wind up all the way. At this maximum R.P.M., the motor should be at the maximum rated R.P.M. of the manufacturer, be it Mercruiser, or otherwise. This test should take place with a full tank of fuel also. If the R.P.M. is lower than it's maximum rated R.P.M., then you must reduce the amount of pitch of your propeller. The opposite if the maximum R.P.M. is over. Your local or favorite prop shop can help you adjust your propeller according to the maximum R.P.M. information that you provide them. Hope this helps.[] LoveMyMako


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      I have a 1979 236. I'm running a 14R12 prop on a 1986 Mercruiser 350. I turn 4200 rpm which on a flat day is about 27 knots per my GPS.
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        Thanks for the info do you have a 1 : 1 transmission?