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    The 3/4" thru-hull drain for the fishbox/storage compartment in the front console broke off. I had a plug in it and stuff sliding back and forth hitting the plug (i guess)broke the thru-hull. Now the plot thickens. The plumbing is hard piped(1/2" pvc)from the drain to the thru-hull on the side of the fishbox. (about 9"). After the drain broke the pvc bouncing around also broke off of the outside thru-hull. It's now bouncing around under my console. (I know you see where I'm going with this.) Now I can't get to the back side of the fishbox to replace the plumbing and thru-hulls without pulling the whole console up.[!] [:-(]

    I know i can't get 1/2" 90 through the hole either in the fishbox or the drain hole in the side of the console to replace the piping or to put the back up nut on the drain holes. What to do[?] Am I overlooking the obvious here? How can something so minor be such a pain in the arse??? Any suggestions?
    Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge

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    Unless you are Gumby, good luck fixing it without pulling the console. Had to do something similar on my 23 o/f. Good Luck!

    Had to pull mine. What a pain. But at least I know it is done right.
    85 Mako 23CC[br]Pascagoula, MS[br]You can\'t always fish when you want, so you have to fish when you can!


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      It was not the best idea of Mako to use PVC. Stuff cloggs in those pipes, and when it freezes, they will bust on you. Flexible hi quality clear would be have been a better solution, I think, but you, my friend, have a job on your hands.

      Good luck. Mark
      \'73 22 Mako Reedville, VA


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        Thanks Billy,

        Gumby i'm not. Pokey maybe? I kinda thought I was going to get the answer you gave me. Short of pulling the console though, as a temp. measure, I am thinking of jerry-rigging something like this. The holes are 3/4" for the thruhulls, so I can go with two 3/4" barbed thruhulls and use clear flex hose between. Flush mount the thruhulls with silicone and hope that it holds. I'm running a '93 model, so i anticipate that i'll be performing a fuel tank replacement in the near future anyway. So when that time comes, i'll pipe it the right way. Thanx for the input!!!
        Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge