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Prop and trouble shooting questions

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  • Prop and trouble shooting questions


    I have a 1992 261 Mako with twin 200HP Yamaha outboards. I currently run Stainless steel 14 1/2 inch with a 19 pitch. What do you guys think the best props would be for my setup? Question 2: My last trip out I was in shallow water at hit a small rock or something. I noticed a vibration and shut down the motor. When I brought the motor up to examine the prop, I noticed a few small nicks and a small amount of distortion in two of the blades. I lowered the motor and all of the sudden my gauge went out, the trim wouldn't work and I could not crank the motor. I checked all the fuses I could find. Does anyone have any suggestions? I sure would appreciate it.

    Steve[email protected]
    Happy Boating