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  • Torque Question

    The dealer I bought my 201 04 Mako from mounted a 200 Suzuki 4 stroke on it. It is very difficult to turn the wheel especially when under power. The dealer said this is due to a torque issue with the 16" diameter prop and there may not be anything he can do about it. Is this for reel? I feel like I'm driving a barge and have a lot of difficulty docking the boat. They also said there was nothing wrong with the shifter and I have to pull so hard to get it from forward to neutral it jumps into reverse(very dangerous).

    Any suggestions?


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    aztecnum1 How about posting your city/state in your siginature box. You will find this in your "Profile" at the top right of the page.

    You left out some imfo in your discription of your problem.

    Does it have hyd steering?


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      Sanibel Island Fl.

      My Dad lives in Gulfbreeze or what's left of it.

      Yeah the boat has hydrolic steering.




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        I guess you missed this part?

        How about posting your city/state in your siginature box. You will find this in your "Profile" at the top right of the page.

        It help's us help you better.

        question #6

        My Hydraulic Steering is difficult in both directions. What can I do to rectify this?


        1) Steering wheel is too small.

        2) Helm pump and cylinder combination do not provide adequate mechanical advantage.

        3) Could be a restriction in one or both of the Hydraulic hoses.

        question #7

        My outboard steering is fine at the dock but becomes hard underway. Is this normal?


        Adjust Torque Tab on motor to offset prop torque. Adjust trim tabs so that boat runs level. Trim out your engine. Eliminate air by purging the system

        question #17

        How do I know I have all the air out of my system?


        refer to your owners manual. Having the correct amount of wheel turns hard over to hard over is a good sign the system is free of air.

        question #32

        Does adjusting the torque tab on an outboard really make it steer easier to Port?


        Actually YES. I have felt it myself. Of course if your prop is out of the water, so will the tab. Stiff steering will happen if the prop is not totally submerged under water.


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          I think my profile is filled out? Maybe I'm missing something.


          The steering wheel is small compared to my 78, but I don't want this to be the only answer. I like the helm pump solution not providing adaquate mechanical advantage. Keep in mind this is a brand new boat and I don't intend on making life harder to get a new Mako 20.

          Thanks for the info.



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            Scroll around in your Profile and you will see a box with siginature next to it. put hometown,state in that box and hit submit at the bottom.