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checking moisture in hull?????????

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  • checking moisture in hull?????????

    what would be the best way to do this. im really interested in an old boat and i want to make sure heres not too much moisture in the stingers and transom. is there a tool for the job or is it just by eye and feel?
    Holden Beach, North Carolina

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    To really get a good idea of moisture you need a moisture meter. You may be able to rent one from a tool rental place. It is a small electronic tool with two prongs. I dont know what acceptable readings are. I'm sure a boat yard or marine surveyor could tell you.
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      Shouldn't really matter if you are really interested in the hull! Just make sure that you don't pay too much for it if is in bad shape that way you can use those extra $$ to pay for the repairs. I bought my boat knowing I would need a new floor but to me it's still worth it because I wanted a mako, like the old style of the hulls and I knew I could replace the floor, stringers and transom if needed and still come out cheaper than a new boat would have cost. Not only that but once she is fixed up you will have something to be proud of. If you feel good about the hull get the tests done just so you don't pay too much money for it.
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