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  • My new Mako

    Just thought of another dumb question. I am trailering my boat (Mako 17') from Waukeegan IL to southern California. Should I take the engine off the boat? Will it hurt the transom to take it that far with the engine on it?
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    Unless the transom is completely rotten, I dont see why you'd want to remove your engine for the trip.
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      Hey pvlane, I don't think it would be a problem only if your boat transom is in good condition. If you haven't done it already check it before going on your trip. If you don't think is strong to go on your trip, take it off. Always keep in mine how old your boat is. Good luck.[]


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        For that distance, I would look into one of those brackets that they use on the Bass boats while on the road. I think they call them a trailering motor bracket. When put in place, it goes from the back of the trailer frame to the bottom of the motor lower unit. Takes the weight off the transom.

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          Has anyone tried this "Transom saver"?, called the "Wedge"?

          Looks kind of interesting, especially for our boats which overhang our trailers.

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            Looks interesting. I do the same thing to my motor with a piece of treated 2X6 ...
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