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    I trashed the powerhead on my 225 Johnson last week and I have decided to repower. While I am at it I want to make a few improvements, but I am not sure on a couple of things.

    First, the hydraulic hoses. The steering hoses currently come out of the transom through the rigging tube. I would like to run them seperately. Right now they are too long and there is several feet of hose coiled up in the transom, if I put fittings on the transom there will be even more. Can the hoses be shortened?

    Will I need to order the transom fittings through Seastar or is this something I can pick up locally? Same with the hoses between the motor and transom, can I have them made up locally?

    The cylinder and arms are corroded also. Tha paint is flaking off. I would like to repaint them but I am not sure how exactly to go about this. I would imagine that I should disassemble and sandblast the cylinder, would this be wise? What type of paint would hold up best?

    Thanks in advance.
    Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender

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    I have never shorten'd a Teleflex hose. I hear you don't want to do that, but I'd show it to a local hyd shop and ask them.

    As to the bulkhead fittings and short hoses. Call Surplus Unlimited. They can fix you up.

    Surplus Unlimited

    613 W. International Speedway Blvd.

    Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Call (386) 252-5019 * 1-800-842-5403 * Fax (386) 254-4833


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      How did you trash your powerhead?
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        According to Teleflex, if you cut those hose's they are junk.
        Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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          I've got the same boat and have been wondering what I'd put on when it comes time to repower. I've got a 225 Yami now. I get pretty good performance but wonder what some of the newer motors would do. What are your plans?
          1995 Mako 232, 1988 MAKO 171, New Bern, North Carolina


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            Thanks for the advise on the hoses Wart and HungOne. I guess it won't hurt anything to have extra hose coiled up in there. I'm not even sure why it bothers me actually.

            Justin, saying that I "trashed" it was not really correct I guess. I was cruising along at 4200 rpm when it just let go. A bearing came apart and pieces went throughout the powerhead. Considering her age and the fact that there are other problems brewing, I feel that a repower is the way to go.

            Unless someone convinces me otherwise, I will be going with a Suzuki DF250. My decision is based on price mostly, and searches of the forums revealed that it is a good powerplant. Most of the research I have done would indicate that it is not only a good motor but good customer service from Suzuki. There are several servicing dealers in my area.

            Capt. Andy if you are out there I would be really interested in your comments on the handling differences you noticed if any, by going to the heavier motor. That is my only worry.

            Anyone have any feedback on repainting the seastar steering parts?
            Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender


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              Hey Clean-Get-Away, any pics of your boat?

              Here is mine on the day she blew. I stopped and parked at a local hangout for the day, tried to enjoy it as long as I could, not knowing when I would get out again.

              It was a little embarrasing idling through a maze of about a jillion boats going "knock knock knock" when I left though.

              Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender