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Rigging Hose Flanges

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  • Rigging Hose Flanges

    I'm looking for Chrome plated plastic or a polished stainless steel unit.

    This flange goes in the transom and has threads in it to hold the rigging tube. The rigging tube is like swimming pool vacuum hose.

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    Going all out are you []

    I've never seen them. All I ever see is the black plastic kind.

    Oakley, California


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      Have not seen them in a polished finish either.

      While I have you, maybe you guys can help me. I am looking for the same in thru hulls......any suggestions? I dont want to use plastic again nor do I like the look of plain bronze.
      Greenwich, NJ[br]1976 22B


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        I found them. They are not listed on the TH Marine site.

        I went to the site.

        Then look at the left side of the page all the way at the bottom. Click on catalog. A Donovan Marine catalog will open up. Go to page 207 in the catalog. They are there. The catalog price say's $17.95ea. The real price is $12.95. They sell the 2in Black rigging hose at $2.00 perft. I also ordered 2 of the Black caps to the right of the Chrome flanges. I'm not sure if I need them or not. It's a few bucks so, Oh well. I was thinking that they are needed to make the hookup to the motors.

        I also ordered from Surplus's online catalog 2] item 3516 $68.95ea. they are stainless mounts with Racor fuel/water seperator. I hate those black painted one's. They corroide and look like crap after a while.


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          Good find Bobby. I wish I could get them in stainless, but I'll settle for the chrome.
          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance