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  • 15' mako 76'

    looking for info about 1976 15' mako. centerconsole. has painted on icon in brown and black of a hornet or wasp (partially worn off)on both sides of hull. guy i bought it from said boat was sold by mako in 75 and 76 and called "sea rat". looks to me like "sea wasp" maybe. HIN #indicates hull cert date of 1975. had a few people tell me they used to see years ago but are rare.

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    There are some pix's on here somewhere of one.


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      there's one on boattraderonline right now...
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        I looked at this same boat for a project. At the time (January 05) he showed it to me without even checking it himself. He is trying to sell it for an ailing family member. The boat was always in fresh water and appeared to be solid. The bow rail was cut for a trolling motor. All the interior is original. I was turned off because after driving 100 miles to check it out, the guy did not even have fuel or batteries. I could not even do a compression test !

        Good Luck!
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          My first boat:

          Great little boat! rides bigger than 15 feet.
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            This will be a fun boat if you get it. Really good for rivers or lakes. Excellent in the Keys for running to the reefs or in semi-protected waters. Easy to trailer and simple to handle.
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