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"78 Mako 21 Fishwell Problem

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  • "78 Mako 21 Fishwell Problem

    Boat is a 1978 Mako 21. On the first run after a 2-year layup, it appears that the fish well under the floor aft of the console is leaking slowly into the bilge. Water for the well enters the well though a thru-hull fitting on the transom. Control valve is in the bilge and accessed from the round port in the rear access panel by the transom. The tank fills slowly with the valve closed, so the valve is probably shot.

    I've plugged it at the tru-hull for the quick fix, but have others encountered the problem and, if so, what's the best mid term solution that doesn't involve lengthy haul-outs and effing floor replacements?

    Erie Mako
    1978 Mako 21[br]Lakewood, OH

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    Scott, if you still get water in the live well, it is because the plug that you put in was not able to go in completly. There are some raised ridges inside that will not allow the plug to enter completly, and shut off water. As far as the valve, mine has enough room to cut and install new valve. Hope this helps. P.S. That was a stupid place for a live bait well. We use it for smaller fish that we catch, reds, trout etc. and larger fish in the front fish hatch. Don
    Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175