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    Great Day! I got my '78 Mako 21 back on the water after a 2-year layup. Repowered finally and made the first run from Lorain, OH to Rocky River with the new motor (Merc 200) this afternoon. Great run. Its a new boat performance-wise Definitely needs much TLC, but the boat is all original including nasty gel coat. Granted Northern exposure is lees than what most of you face in the south but its a mess, nonetheless. I'll post some photos soon.

    Also, thanks to all who post here. Your Mako enthusiasm got me through the dark days of the refit - and there were many. Observation - Boat mechanics are an clearly an interesting breed. I realize that the best ones are inevitably overbooked. On top of that, mine had a heart attack and bypass surgery at the beginning of the season. At that rate, I guess I'm happy launching around July 4!

    Discovered a (hopefully) minor probem that I'll post separately.

    Erie Mako
    1978 Mako 21[br]Lakewood, OH