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Mako 23 1975, what do I do?!

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  • Mako 23 1975, what do I do?!

    I just got a 1975 Mako 23 and it's been sittin' seen 1993, what things should I check on it before I take it out, and how many Makos' do you think are in Kentucky, cause I got one in KY.
    Louisville, KY

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    I think you have an inboard right? Change all fluids. Replace all the hoses. Repack your stuffing box. Do you have electronic ignition? If not, install new points. Rebuild, or at least clean out carb. Replace impeller in water pump. Check all wiring...make sure your gauges are working...most important oil pressure and water temp. Thats a start, I'm probably forgetting a bunch of stuff.
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      I don't have a link for this, but they make a flusher deal so you can start it on the hose at the house for a inboard.

      You might want to pull the spark plug's and squirt some oil in the cylinders and spin the motor over.

      Open thing's carefully and check for wasp's nest.[:u][:-(]


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        Hangtime, there are a few makos here in KY, as a matter of fact i have sold 5 here myself, There was a dealer who was in the area that would bring a few a year into Louisville, Right now i know of 4 of us who are OLD MAKO fans and we are out on the Ohio River often.

        a few things to check are.

        1. Make sure it's never been "Cow Tippin"

        2. Check the paperwork to make sure it's not been out of our family (our family trees dont fork here)

        3. If there are shoe prints on the floor of the boat,(it's not from KY, we dont waer shoes here)

        4. If there was a chevy transmisson stored in the boat, it,s pobalbly from here, we keep the Fords in our bathtub.

        I hope this helps a little

        Brad LL254

        Louisville, Louyville,Louavall, KY
        Brad 254 Louisville Ky


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          If its an inboard you just got one heck of a boat.

          I have a 1988 and love it. Lots of things to do for it to be ready. LOTS.