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    Any advice on good bottom paint for New England waters? The boat stays in the water (mooring) from May through October.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I keep my boat near the mouth of the Housatonic River in CT and we have a slime and barnical problem due to the constant supply of newtrient rich water flowing past the boats all the time -incoming and out going tides. Most people in my marina have switched to the Ablative Interlux Micron Extra with the Biolux. It's a multi season paint that wears away over time. I have been using it for the last several years now and have not had 1 barnical or that usual green / black slime on the boatom when I pull her in November. Follow the manufactures directions and you usually can paint right over your existing paint if it's in good shape. Cost - about $175/ gallon but well worth it in the fall and the following spring.

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      I thought you were just a lurker?

      Try Mircon CSC at the place on Bridge Street @ $164/gal. It is a multiseason and this is what is used on the Nordic Tug - the only sliming problem was after a multiseason splash and the 4700 mile trip to the keys and back on the ICW. There was so much wear on the paint it ablated in many areas as it's designed.

      It also comes in shark white, that color you like.

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