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  • to the gulf coasters

    Yet another one knocking on your door, Wart and the others....batton down the hatches, I know Hammertime is. If it continues it's predicted course and increase in strength, I am not sure P-cola can snap back from back to backs.........good luck.

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    I'm headed out Saturday morning, boat in tow. Gonna put her right in the middle of an 80 acre field in North Mississippi. Then, play golf until the rain hits. Word of advice for anyone traveling North that needs a hotel, make your reservations now as most of the places I called are booked already. Batton down the hatches boys, she's a-gonna blow !!
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      I talked to Jimmy this afternoon. There on hold of tearing any roof's off. They got one more to finish.

      He said he had put a big'ol flag pole up on his roof and he was going to ride the storm out on top of that pole like LT Dan in Forest Gump. HeHe.


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        Too bad my lower unit went out. I would hook up the boat and head to Crystal River to play in the springs with the manatees and maybe a little scalloping and fishing. Latest track shows it going more to the East toward Panama City so we will probably stay around here. I swore I wouldn't go through another storm like Ivan, so we may just go over to Dad's office which is near the hospital and they don't lose power!
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          Waiting a little longer to decide. Hoping the coast of FL will take some of the bite off of this one!
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            Don't hold your breath. They like to bounce around like the ping pong ball's Mr. Moose would drop on Capt. Kangroo.[88][88]


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              GOOD LUCK, FELLA'S. We will probably shut down the refinery tonight and the family will probably end up in a bunker in Gulfport on Sunday. Gonna leave the boat in the back yard. Plenty of room there. Only lost one pecan tree during TS Cindy, so hopefully the boat will be okay.
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                If it hit's here we are going to my parents house in Louisiana. Will decide tomorrow morning. Will make all preps today so if we have to go we can just pack and leave. Where I live it's mandatory evac for a cat 3.
                Troy[br]Pensacola, FL[br]1977 21\' Mako Deep V[br]


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                  b4 you FLorida fellas decide to head towards LA, several prdeiction have this monster heading towards the LA/MS coast rather than FL. keep a close eye - too many variables right now to trust any single prediction. [V]
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                    Hey Sailor, and anyone else who wants to come to the 25th annual Crystal River Funament Party... You can come boat-less, We can get you on the water.

                    See the website for more info.

                    ** Especially all you semi local guys!

                    Its Thursday- Fri- Sat- Next week. 14-16

                    After Dennis bangs a hard left and leaves us all alone..[xx(]
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