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what kind of trailer for 23 inboard.

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  • what kind of trailer for 23 inboard.

    what kinda of trailer would i need for a 23 inboard. no sites show what i would need. would i need custom?
    Holden Beach, North Carolina

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    I have the same boat, I have a float-on made by south-eastern.
    Louisville, KY


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      does that have a low bent rear bar. or is it one that the boat just hangs off the back some?
      Holden Beach, North Carolina


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        Mine sits on an 1980 EZ Loader, Dont know if they're even around anymore
        \'78 Wellcraft V20,200 Merc[br]\'80 235-gone[br]\'75 23 Inboard-gone [br]Hayes, Va[br]


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          hey just bought ez loader trailer two years ago 2003 6000lb have a 1974 mako inboard the boat fits perfect it is a roller type.[^]
          cinnaminson new jersey 23\' Mako Iboard


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            I have a 1979 236 and have a Cox SuperLoader. It's a standard roll on trailer and I have had no issues. It is a little close underneath with certain rollers, shaft, and rudder, but I've never had any problems. I don't believe my trailer is made anymore. Whatever trailer you buy, make sure it's rigged properly from a weight perspective. The inboard is one heavy boat!
            Formerly: Mako 236[br]Currently: 35\' Viking[br]Greenwich, CT


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              I have a float-on brand for my 1988 236. No issues. I have let friends borrow it for 21-25 ft outboards, no issues either.

              I can post a few pics if it would help you. Let me know.
              Paul[br]Plantation, Fl [br]1988 Mako 236 Inboard