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disconnecting oil pumps???

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  • disconnecting oil pumps???

    I am hearing more than just rumors of boaters removing/ disconecting the oil pumps on the oil injected motors and going with premixed fuel. I would like to hear opinions on the subject. I have a Yamaha. I hear some brands/ manuf. have better or worse track records with pump failure resulting in motors burning up due to no lubrication. And, is it true what I heard on another discussion board that the pumps don't use a 50/1 ratio, but a 100/1 ratio of oil to fuel. Don
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    I think Yamaha and Suzuki have the best rep. for there oiling systems. That being said there is still maintenence that should be done to keep your oil injection healty. At somewhere in the life of the outboard(7-10 years) I will unhook the oiling system and go with premix. If I had money to burn I might go ahead and buy a new pump and filters and hoses and check valves and sensors and and lift pump and ect. Then the system would be good for another several years.

    We are all grown up men and women, I think we can be trusted to dump a quart of oil in the tank for every 12 gallons of fuel we bring on board. just my opinion. dave.
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      Kinda funny, I have a 1987 Sukuki DT200 on my Mako, she's old, but has been good to me. Anyway, I was shuttleing an authorized sukuki mechanic out to my fathers boat (He was having work done on his boat while it was moored). So I was just making small talk with the guy and asked, so what do you think of my motor? All he says is "geez, i wasn't going to say anything, but how old is that thing?" So i tell him it's a 1987 and he just shakes his head. I hope the old girl didn't take it personally. But then he asks me what kind of oil I was running it in? and i tell him the $4 a gallon Walmart special oil. He claims that i should start using the suzuki oil. I didn't mean to sound like a smart ass, but I asked why, does it repair 18 years of abuse? He didn't respond. So to break the silence, i proceed to ask his opinion on switching to premix and disconnecting the oil pump. He said not to touch it, but if the pump goes just replace it. This time I didn't say anything, but if I wait til it goes, then it will be too late and i won't have an engine????? After hearing that opinion, I didn't know wheter to drop him off on my fathers Bristol 40.
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        He He He, yeah, I have been using the wal-mart oil for some time now and never had issues other than a little smoke occasionally. I was told to use it by a relative. He had a friend that had been using that oil for the last 10 yrs or so and never had a problem with his motor. I might use a better oil on a brand new motor but never an older one. Come to think of it, I will probably never have a brand new one![]
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