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Yamaha breaks it off in the A$$..

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  • Yamaha breaks it off in the A$$..

    Just found out that #6 cylinder has no compression. 04' Z250 HPDI bought in Febuary 05' has just 23 hrs on it, eats # 6 cylinder. Yamaha customer service is nearly worthless. All they say is take it to your local dealer. Local service center that is only a factory service not dealer whom we purchaced the motor from doesn't want to deal with it, is now having to bite the bullet. I have been a faithful Yamaha owner for many years. This outboard being the Fourth owned has left a very bad taste in my mouth. Has anyone been down this road before and know the path ahead? Any info would be greatly appreciated..

    Ocean Springs, Ms.[br]

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    I wish I had good news for you. Last year my inlaws in Long Beach, MS had major issues with 250 HPDI and were w/o boat for 4 months. Father-in-law blames me b/c I had raved about my previous yamaha. They had lawyers write letter to Yamaha and were still unsuccessful. I am not sure where motor was purchased, but do know it was in LA. From what I recall dealer wasn't that hard to deal with but yamaha couldn't supply parts. Warranty is up soon and they are planning to trade for 4 stroke. I've heard various other horror stories about HPDI - Good Luck.
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      All I can say is "Sorry about that".

      To many horror stories on THT to get any of my money.

      I do own a '98 C-90 w/ 385 flawless hrs. There is nothing similar about them, except they are 2 strokes. The C series motors are premix.


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        I have run lots of older outboards on premix for countless hours. Oil injection is sure handy, but I dont think the injected motors last as long. Of course the dealers selling the new ones and the mechanics making there living off of rebuilds will argue this theory.

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          I'm sorry to hear about your problem(s) and hope it is resolved soon. While it may be painful waiting for the issue to be corrected, at least Yamaha will not file Chap 11 and stick you with an engine that no one wants, be patient.

          All new technolgy has issues, especially as competitive as the "clean outboard" market is.

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            The 250 HPDI motors have been a disaster for Yamaha. Its their version of the OMC FICT. I ran a boat with a pair for a season and a half and every other trip the boat had to go back to the dealer for work. We sold the boat with 130 hours on it. The new owner blew a powerhead within one month after we sold it.[)][)] Thank goodness I had a friend who had had all the identical problems with a pair of FICTs and I knew what was coming when we repeatedly had problems with carbon buildup in the HPDIs. I knew the powerheads were not gonna last so we sold the boat on my recommendation. Best move we ever made.


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              Sorry to here about your troubles. Having owned 1999 omc 225 fic's, I understand your frustration. As far as outboard dealers on the Gulf coast go, the only one I trust is Mr. Creel at Seven Sea Marine. I have twin 200 HPDI's which have been flawless. He also helped me unload the 225 omc fic's. My brother runs a charter boat out of the Beau Rivage, had 225 Yamaha EFI's no problems at all. Now he runs 225 Yamaha four strokes (400+ hours in 5 months) no problems. As for the 250 HPDI's I have heard they have problems with fouling plugs. If any one can help you Mr. Creel can. I personally will not ever Buy a boat unless it has a Yamahas! This is not because I believe other motors are inferior, its because I know I have a dealer that is honest, that will get my boat in and out on time when serviced, and will keep my boat running.

              Hope this helps
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                Hey Ling,

                I spoke with Mr. Creel prevoiusly. He said his customers has first priority, which is understandable. Finally got Ocean Marine to do the work, but it will at least be 3 weeks until they finish aquiring parts and rebuilding the powerhead. Most likely will take longer. Not like I could use it this weekend anyhow..

                Ocean Springs, Ms.[br]


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                  aquiring parts and rebuilding the powerhead.

                  Their not going to just install a new powerhead?


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                    Correction: waiting for new parts; I.E. new powerhead, to arrive from Yamaha.

                    Ocean Springs, Ms.[br]


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                      Chris... Didn't realize you were dealing with Ocean Marine. If you get anything out of them you'll be lucky. Difficult decision though as not many Yam dealers in the area. Did you try Paul Hands (KeyWest dealer) in Moss Point? His shop is just North of the bridge on Hwy 63. He deals exclusively with Yam now and seems to get the best Yam support. Ocean Marine deals with 2 other motor manufacturers and doesn't really have full support of any of them from what I hear. Let me know if I can help in any way.
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                        Yeah, I contacted just about every Yamaha dealer on the coast and the all told me the same thing. They would be glad to work on it, but their loyalty would be for their customers that purchaced from them originaly. They all said it would be 3 weeks to 3 months before they could even get it in the shop to look at. Just glad Yamaha got on the phone with O.M.G. and semi-straightend it out. The owner half-assed apologized and agreed to put the past behind him. That was real big of him wasn't it..! I appreciate all the help

                        from you guys anyhow. If nothing else it's somewhere to vent frustrations.

                        Ocean Springs, Ms.[br]