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  • engine bracket?

    recently bought a 73 Mako19 that i am currently making sea worthy after a tree fell on it. i have must of the glass work done..anyway my question is i need a bracket to set the motor back if all i am doing is inshore and a little offshore and not very far offshore? i have had 4 or 5 people tell me i need to install one. what purpose would it serve also? thank you for the help guys.
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    The bracket is normally a consequence of closing the transom in. As we all know, the older Mako's are notorious for their low transoms and the closed transom/bracket is a very good combination to solve the low transom designs if that is an issue in your situation. I'd look at the seas you plan to see in the worse case. Personally, I think the bracket makes the older makos a much safer boat. The 19 ft is on the fence IMO for needing a bracket.
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      Is there a website link to the bracket?
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        Nobody look's at all the work I did on the link's page?[]


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          I'm still waiting for the link to 'Warthogs Favorites' file []
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            I'm not sure what you want? Maybe this.



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              Originally posted by mrdelgado

              I'm still waiting for the link to 'Warthogs Favorites' file []

              I used this one:

              and re-named it "Bobbys boating favorites". []
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