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    I got my boat in this weekend but not before some heart burn. I just re-powered last spring with a '99 Yamaha 250 and it ran great all summer. The boat yard called on Saturday morning to inform me that cylinder #5 was not firing and that I should arrange to have the engine looked at by a Yamaha dealer.

    I stopped in to the dealer that I bought the engine from and told him my story. He looked at me and said "I don't mean to be a smart ass but cylinder #5 is not supposed to fire until 2000 rpm". It is designed to improve on emissions & fuel efficiency.

    I went from needing a 8:00am scotch to feeling real happy with that news.

    I called the boatyard and educated them on that Yamaha feature.

    We had a great weekend of boating on Buzzards Bay.
    Cataumet, MA[br]1988 Mako 231