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A normal day of boating?

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  • A normal day of boating?

    Everything started out normal on Sunday Morning but when is there ever a "normal" day on the water?

    Long story short I was cruising up in Casco Bay, ME., on a pleasure/ fishing expedition. I stopped off to follow a school of bait fish getting hammered by gulls and seals- in hope of catching a few blues. (I got nothin')

    Boat was running fine, seas were perfect, fish weren't interested- all things were normal.

    When I decided to get back on course I throttled up, started to come out of the hole onto a plane when my buddy, sitting in the starboard pedestal seat, toppled over backwards... The screws in the pedestal LET GO and he dropped into the stern. (Seems the floor is soft on my 1990 211, merc. 225.)

    All things considered things could have been a lot worse.

    1) My buddy did not hit his head on the splash guard. I don't know why.

    2) My wife had- not 2 minutes before, settled in on the floor in the stern to get out of the wind. She was sitting on the floor legs tucked up to her chest when he landed. Rather than the full weight of my 220 pound friend and that metal post landing across her shins she sneaked away with only a couple of nasty abrasions from the side of the chair scraping past her.

    I am amazed at the unfortunate circumstances, the very real opportunity for disaster and thankful for the very positive outcome relative to what could have happened.

    Ever look back to reflect on how many situations in boating are disasters waiting to happen or situations that could have been “much worse”?

    Be safe out there guys and be ready for anything.

    p.s. I will be doing some research to figure out how to “fix” the soft floor and may have some questions.
    1991 Mako 211[br]

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    Sorry to hear of your problem Brookesta, glad everyone is OK.

    Hope your repair is not too extensive.
    Larry S. - Fort Pierce, Florida[br]23 Contender