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Fuel tank life expectancy?

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  • Fuel tank life expectancy?

    Chasing an 89 mako 221 for sale.

    Would be my first mako.

    Ballpark idea on Mako's fuel tank life expectancy?



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    I think it has more to do with how the boat was maintained and where it was kept. My 1985 224 fuel tank is fine. It has been kept in a sling, covered. Another vessell kept outside in the water would much more likely have a leaking tank. Water around the tank foam and you are to eventually have trouble. Just my 2 cents. As far as an absolute answer to your question, there really is no set time. Open the cover over the tank and smell. If you smell fuel you most likely have a fuel leak. I'm not sure for the 221's but the 224's don't have the aluminum pipe between the tank and fuel fill, just 1 1/2" hose. If the 221's have the alum. pipe between the fuel fill and the tank it could also be just that, or an old fuel line. My fuel lines were really bad so I changed them out. Buying a boat is a leap of faith. The only real thing you can count on is that boating is not a cheap activity. I don't want to run you off, but you are going to spend money, as well as expend lots of blood sweat and tears. But in the end it is worth it. Sorry for the wordiness. Don
    Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175