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  • Vacuum Bagging Questions

    I pulled my first actual panel on staurday and think i had good results for the first time. i do have a couple of questions though.

    1) How much vacuum should be pulled. i read 15" in one post, 30" somwhere else.

    2) How long does the vacuum need to be applied, until the resin kicks or until it completely sets.

    3) How do you get the peelply off? I thought it was supposed to "peel off", that was the hardest part of the whole process.

    4) Do you actually need the peelply and bleeder cloth? wouldn't it just be easier to pull the bag right down to the piece. the plastic peels right off.
    26 Blackwatch[br]Larkspur, CA.

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    You want to hold it about 15in. Any more and you could have resin starvation, as it will suck to much resign away. I run my pump for 4hrs and then shut it off.[Using FGCI's 2 to 1 epoxy]

    Peel ply. Don't try to pull the peel ply until the next day. It pull's easier and will not try to pull the laminate off. If you try and pull it early that's what it will do.

    The purpose of the peelply and bleader cloth is to collect the excess resign. This is what help's you get a light weight strong laminate.


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      What'ca building?[:x)] Or are you just playing still?


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        i'll get some pics posted soon. thanks for the info.
        26 Blackwatch[br]Larkspur, CA.


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          it's going to be trial and error for the first few pulls. lol. but write down what you do!

          i found a neat trick for the peel ply/bleeder removal and that is to cut the bleeder slightly smaller than the part you a vacuuming down. when it lays over the edge (which is how i cut the peelply) it has a tendency to want to become part of the panel. cutting it short let the peel ply do all the work of removing it.
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            Grantn is exactly right. Make the peel ply larger and overhang the part a little 1in is fine. Make the bleeder cloth 1 to 1 1/2in smaller.