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89 Mako 221C / 04 Yam F225???

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  • 89 Mako 221C / 04 Yam F225???

    About to put an offer on a 1989 Mako 221C.

    Would be my first Mako.

    Would appreciate any comments...

    This hull appears to be very solid, exterior very good condition,

    from what I could see from arm reaching digital pics, bilge - stringers wiring, rigging - all looked very good.

    It's repowered with 04 Yam F225 - only 20 hours - xferable warrenty.

    Story I've been told: Prior owner jumped on a Contender

    as soon as it listed at the marina. That owner has 3 boats.

    Marina is now brokering the Mako.

    Would appreciate any info on this vintage 221C hull.

    Prone to any construction issues / repairs / fuel system / electrical, etc?

    Does anyone have this vintage 221C with this type of power -

    what type of performance should be expected?

    riding qualities?

    Yam F225 - everything I reard has been very good on this motor.

    Anything to look/listen for?

    Oh one other thing, I was surprised this hull didn't have trim tabs.

    Thanks for any info...

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    The 221C in question is a center console.

    "221C" was listing on the for sale sign.

    After looking at makeo's archives, noticed there's

    also a 221 cuddy, and didn't want to mis-lead anyone.




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      The 22' Mako from the 80's was a classic design. I've had mine since '94 and it's a great boat, one of the most versitile on the water. I can drift a grass flat here in Florida in 3' of water for snook/trout/redfish, cruise the beaches for Tarpon or head offshore for grouper and AJ's. On non-fishing days, it's got plenty of room for me and the family and can pull a skier or torpedo just fine.

      It will handle a good chop, but with only 19 degrees of deadrise, don't expect to be running 4 foot seas at 25 knots! [;^)] Mine is powered with the exact same engine and it's an excellent combination. My top end is 43 MPH with a full load and I cruise at 30 MPH buring just under 10 GPH. With a 120 gallon fuel tank -- my range is pretty darn good! []

      Hope it all works out...

      Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL