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1976 Mako 20 -Fueling Problem

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  • 1976 Mako 20 -Fueling Problem

    Just purchased a 1976 Mako 20 with an 1989 Evinrude XP 200. Boat is in great shape but I am having problems with my fuel fill line. The line constantly backs up and it takes forever to fill my tank which is 44 gallons. Any suggestions or troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Mikey C

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    Vent line could be all plugged up with crap,, like dirt dobbers and such
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      I had the same problem and I also got fumes in the Bilge area making everyone believe I needed a new tank due to a leak. When I took my console off to replace the tank I noticed my overfill tube was petrified and crumbled when I touched it. Check your vent tubes for clogs or petrification like mine. My tank is still good.


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        I also smelled fuel in the Bilge on my 79 mako 20.When I pulled the tank I found the vent line and fuel line was alluminum, both were correded and leaking under the floor.

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