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    Does anyone know the way to install an aerator on the below floor bait well for the 224 1987???
    87/224[br]Homestead, Florida

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    yes I have been asking the board the same question! I cant figure out how to plumb the thing!!!!Help
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      I am about to do this on my 84-238. I am also replacing the transom and putting a bracket on on it so I plan to handle this at the smae time. I will get the best way figured and handled on my boat then get back to you as soon as possible. I plan to tackle doing the aerator this coming week end if I can get the other assorted things dealt with like new bilge pumps and trim tabs etc that need installing first. Thanks, Murray
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        Last year sometime I found a schematic on the web on how to do it. I didnt save it thinking I could easily find it again. Ha....

        Im sure there has to be some hull drilling and that is a bit scary for me. I wouldnt mind if only I was sure that I was going to do it right.
        87/224[br]Homestead, Florida


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          Take a look at this thread

          Secondly take a look at the owners manual section and you should be able to find a schematic.
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            I have a 20C with the below deck livewell that has a drain/fill running to the transom. There is a valve to open or close the line. I added an aerator running of the battery by drilling a small hole near the top of the well,running the wires through and then sealing the hole. I used an aerator with suction cups on the bottom and used sealer to hold them down. So far the cups pulled loose once but the bait is staying alive and the wiring was easy. I rigged it to a switch on the console.
            Jim Devlin [br]Alvin, TX[br]1987 Mako 20C


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              Thanks TTMAKO for the post. I think Ill get it going this weekend (Sunday of course cause Im goin "fishin " on Saturday.

              Still confused about something:

              On the sketch/diag: the water intake, overflow drain, pump and water inlet into well are clear in their location, plumbing, use, etc... . It all makes good sense.

              But, Im lost as to what is the purpose of the vertical pipe filter. I would think that the only job left for the main drain would be to just empty out the well. Any comments?

              Also, would there be a benefit in installing 2 overflow drains. Im thinking, what if the pump im using (700GPH) brings in more water than the overflow allows out. I can always close down the intake with the valve attached before the pump, but I think there would be a benefit to the extra water flow.

              I guess a wire mesh strainer is a must, I would hate to have a dead bait or some debri clog up the drain.
              87/224[br]Homestead, Florida


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                i used the mako 230 manual on this site to plumb mine. the stand pipe is what regulates the level of the water in the bait well. a second drain is not necessary. once you achieve the correct level shut off the intake valve AND the drain. this will recirculate the water. i bought a two stage pump and use the second stage to feed the washdown pump. to 'change out' the water, simply remove the stand pipe and open the drain valve then the intake valve and turn on the pump. you may end up with bait in the drain valve this way, but with the proper aerator and pump the water should stay 'fresh' for a long while. i also freeze a couple of two liter bottles of water and put them in as the pump will heat up the water a slight bit. keep a couple spares in the ice chest if you will be out long periods of time.
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