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    I have a 1988 261. This weekend we had a jet ski try to come alongside in rough water and broke off the 261 plastic piece on the port side. It is the model number portion that goes behind the old riveted plastice Mako name on each side. Does anyone know where you can get the old style plastic model piece or any company that can manufacture it?

    Greg[br]Brandon, Fl[br]Mako 261, twin Yamaha 200s

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    Tsk,Tsk, Jet Skis, "Chariots of the Plods", see the following link, you will have to phone them to order. They bought up a bunch of O.E.M. Mako stuff 10 years ago, and probably have what you need. Worst case, you might have to change both emblems if they don't have a mate for your broken one. Personally, I would worry if the new logo was a different color or style, you can never see both emblems at the same time. (Kind of like different hubcaps on either side of a car). If you would, post at least your state on your 'profile signature' for your fellow Makoers to get a bead on you.

    Thanks & Good Luck,


    PS: If you're above the Mason-Dixon line, the above information is $10.00, payable to Thanks.[]
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