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    Sailor had made a comment about the routing of the coax on my antenna.

    Here's the pix's of how Digital does it.

    Bad soder joint's are the #1 cause of VHF not working right.

    Digital has decided to make that go away.

    The only problem is the small end that they put on the coax will not make the bend to go thru a rachet mount.

    This piece screw's onto the little end on the coax.

    I did go back and try it again.[] I had tried it the 1st time on Hammertime's boat.

    Caution! If you buy a Digital antenna. In one end of the shipping tube is a piece of round foam. Under that foam is the screw on end. Don't throw the tube away and not retrieve this end.

    Hey I had to hunt for it the 1st time myself and was about pissed until I found it. The next antenna I knew where to look.[]

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    Another plus with Digital Antennas is the overall quality of the fiberglass blank encasing the antenna. Digital also uses (I think) silver for their whip encased within the fiberglass.

    First time I turned the radio on, I heard a significant difference in sound quality.

    The downside to the digital connection is that it's hard to splice, in case you like to shorten the cable length to the bare minimum.
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      Wart. They make a mount that the small end will go in and the routing is a little different. I sent my brother up to Advanced Marine here in Biloxi with the mount I had, and the guy mentioned the same problem. He pulled the new mounts I have out of the back in which the Digital cable ends go through and routs different.
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        Wart, I just installed a Digital Antenea Sunday and also was unable to get the end through the bracket, but I sure like the new end. Don Good quality antenea though.
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