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1st off shore trip__for Annie II

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  • 1st off shore trip__for Annie II

    Ran 25 miles off shore yesterday with Annie II. On the way out had 3' swells every 3 seconds. 4-200+ lb. plus guys, 124 gallons of fuel, 300 lbs. of tackle, food, etc.

    The trip out at 18-20mph was comfortable but could only run about 3000rpms. The 96 Evinrude 225 drinks(GULPS) fuel at ~3000 rpms in these conditions. Used approx. 30 gallons to go 25miles according to the fuel gauge... When we hit 17-18 mph , Annie II would want to plane and pick up speed but the swells were just too close toghter so we had to back off.

    Hot 97 egrees, no wind, fished for 5 hours. Fishin' was terrible: 1-14lb. Wolffish - 2-6 lb. haddock and one legal cod. We usually come back from a morning trip with about 40 lb's of Cod filets a 12 lbs. of Haddock Filets and a few misc. fish.

    On the way back in a following sea, small swell, we ran 4200 rpm's(34mph), and the gas guage never moved!!!

    Filled her up at the Marina, used 36 gallons round trip.

    Smooooth DRY, comfortable ride though!

    Do you think trim tabs may have helped? Or were the conditions just lots less than optimum??
    Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]

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    Tab's will help, but sometime's you just have to slow down. the tab's will keep you on plane at a lower speed.

    I think you will be amased at what the tab's do.

    It will feel like a whole new boat again.[]

    It's just more money.[(#)]


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      I need tabs too...

      Wow, 30gallons out, 6 in!

      And Bob, loving the weather or what!
      ROGUE I[br]1978 235 CC[br]Newburyport, MA[br]ROGUE II[br]1987 17\' Montauk[br]Camden, ME[br]


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        The weather has been interesting. 97 Saturday, 94 yesterday, 70 and windy today, hot/t-showers tomorrow. Better than rain/40's a week a go.

        Warthog, Which trim tabs would I want... Remembering that the B-Brackett is almost as wide as the transom....

        Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]


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          Trim tabs are at the top of my list. Too bad my list starts at the bottom of my wife's already long list.

          You only think Annie II gulps the gas. Saturday we fished 6am-2pm went out 25 miles and burned 51 gallons (93 Johnson 200). I am just glad I had 3 others to help at the pump.
          \'93 241
          \'82 224 - Mobile, AL Gone but NEVER Forgotten -


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            Bennett M-120's. If you get them and the ram's are to long. Bennett will swap you even up for shorter ram's. N/C.[]


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              Where is best place to buy them? Price?

              Is the kit complete or what else will I need? Switches, etc....

              Bob Carpenter [br] Maine[br]1969 Boston Whaler 13\' (Annie3 1/2) [br]Built Annie2 and Annie3 which can be seen in The Project pages[br]


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                It will be a complete kit with a DIY video.

                Look in the Link page under Tab's. I bought mine from the 2nd link there.

                I actually bought the

                Bennett Tournament Bass Tabs BT-1012



                Because they are Black.



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                  Tabs will help in a couple of ways. First you can use them to push your bow down and keep on plane at a lower speed. This will help your fuel burn considerably as well as smoothing the ride.

                  If you are running just off the the swell instead of head in you can use your tabs to roll the boat slighlty to the down wave side. This will smooth the ride significantly also. It will also help keep the spray down if there is a bit of chop on top.

                  When running into a swell like that, if I running a long ways, I will setup just off the heading so I'm not going straight into the swell. Run this direction a ways then turn the bow back towards your spot once you get far enough out to hit it with the swell just off the other side. Use the tabs to roll the boat either way. You'll be amazed at how much quicker you get there even covering a few extra miles.

                  Boats - Just gotta love 'em [xo]
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