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    OK folks, New tach, New SST II 21x14 1/4 Prop, took boat to scales yesterday afternoon. 3000 Lbs w/ 56 Gal fuel. So it is not water logged.

    WOT w/ 86 Gallons.....39 @ 5500 RPM.

    Cruise ..... 29 @ 4500 RPM, 13.5 GPH

    Thats it....and I really think it is right.

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    That 3000 was after I took 800 for the trailer away. Total Boat, motor and trailer was a little over 3800 LBs.


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      Damn! Mine was about 4800 lbs with the trailer! Take 900lbs away and I still had a 3900 lb. boat. I did have about 86 gal in the boat and I have a much bigger console than yours. Plus 2 batts, the motor and I never take the anchor gear out. I got the weight down to about 2800 lbs when I started subtracting things that aren't on the bare 2600 lb hull... like the trim tabs, extra large console, spare prop, oil resovior, liofe vests, tool boxes, & etc. But I could still get the Yamaha V6 Excel to go 44 mph and the Merc 225 pushed up to 50mph.

      It will be interesting to go over to the scales in a few months when I'm done rebuilding her.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        I weighed my new alum trailer before the boat went on. The weight ticket from manufacture say's 800lbs. The scale say's 1025lbs.


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          Mako says 2100 lb empty boat. 400 for a motor, 350 for gas, @ 250 for crap.......Batterys etc. 3100 Darn close.

          I'm gonna go back up there.........something just don't sound right.


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            I'm gonna weigh my trailer one day... The 900 lbs is just a guess. The sticker says 1000 lbs. I have to get the boat off of it first! Then I can weigh it.
            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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              Well, she is only gonna do what she will do. Our boats are identical. I can't believe the 225 OMC will swing a 21 prop to 5500 revs with a full load of gas, ice fishing stuff and pops up on plane real fast, but it does. I am happy with 30 MPH 13.5 GPH cruise......WOT @ 40 MPH is just that. I never do WOT anyway. The vent plate is exactly level with the keel. I love the boat, compared to the old 22B it is like riding on air. The 22B with a '87 225 OMC would do about 44 MPH @ 5800 RPM with a 19 P prop. Cruise with it was 12 GPH @ 30 MPH @ 3800 RPM. The 22B's flat bottom was a lot less drag....but jesus it woiuld beat ya to death.

              I can't wait to see your numbers with your mods.


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                Defintely weigh your trailer, Magic Tilt said mine weighed 800lbs and weighed it at the local gravel pit, it weighed 1100lbs.