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Looking at a 1990 261 w/ twin 200 HPDI'

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  • Looking at a 1990 261 w/ twin 200 HPDI'

    anybody running that set up? Looking for performance #'s on the motors ......especially fuel burn.

    Also, what are some things to be weary of in that year and hull model..

    I do plan to have the boat surveyed. Thanks

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    That sounds like an awesome setup. The 261 is a great, heavy hull with an excellent ride in the rough stuff.

    Things I personally think are an issue with the 261:

    1) Gap between splashwell and deck bottom allows easy water intrusion, especially in following seas. I would seek an alternative, sealed solution.

    2) Control levers are at a 45 degree angle, which I think is extremely awkward

    3) Fuel filters are mounted in splaswell, which I personally find unappealing--aesthetic

    4) In-deck livewell, which I would personally seal

    5) Scuppers uncomfortably (for me) close to water line with most engine setups
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      Figure a cruise of about 29-30 knots at 4000 rpm. Cant help you with the burn as I have carbs, but at that speed I'm doing about 20gph. Figure maybe 30-35% less with the HPDI?

      In regards to the above post...really, who cares? I have NEVER had a problem with water over the much so that, unless my two year old is in the boat, the splashwell door stays down. I mean, yeah, when drifting, you may take the occasional splash over the tranny, but never enough that I've had water on the deck.

      Controls are a bit awkwardly placed...but you only notice that at first. I certainly dont now.

      All in all love the rig.
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        I see your point re the transom, but I'd prefer to have it sealed of course (ala 261B).

        And the scuppers/deck level in relation to the water line is not ideal IMO.

        Don't get me wrong however--I'd buy a 261 in a minute!
        ROGUE I[br]1978 235 CC[br]Newburyport, MA[br]ROGUE II[br]1987 17\' Montauk[br]Camden, ME[br]


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          A 261 is an excellent boat. With the twin 200 HPDI-s you should be fine.

          As far as the gas tank is concerned, it eventually will need to be replaced. Have it checked as part of your survey. Figure about $3000-4000 to have it done professionally...about $1500 if you do it yourself

          As far as the transom is concerned, you will be fine. I have a 231 Mako with a notched transom and I regularly drift stern first through the mouth of the Merrimac River inlet without any problems. I can't even remember the last time my feet got wet. Plus, if you ever were to take a wave over the bow...all you need to do with a notched transom is get on the throttle and the water will spill out the back.

          Good luck and let us know how you make out


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            I have the 260, which is the same hull in a walkaround version. I also have a pair of 2002 200HP HPDI's. At cruise, you should be at 4000 RPMS, about 32mph, and burning about 16GPH. 2 mpg.
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